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Young guns at the deep end

3Button Group, Young guns

Our industry used to complain about how difficult it was to find people with the right competence. Rather than continue whining about it, 3Button Group decided to help with the education of new automation engineers. This fun and rewarding commitment has led to us employing six shiny new robot engineers in just a few years. This is the story about why they’ve been able to take on key roles from the very start.

For several years now we have teamed up with Yrkeshögskolan Jönköping to develop their courses in automation and robot technique. Along with other representatives from our industry we’ve been members of the board. We’ve also had the opportunity to customize the two-year programs where technicians are drilled in prioritized areas to support the automation industry. Our common aim is to be competitive and a bit ahead of our international colleagues.

Like 5 or 6 years at the job

When the engineers leave school, their skill levels match five or six years of real work. That’s why we can trust them with key roles in ongoing automation projects right from the start. But you might ask if it’s really a good idea to throw people in at the deep end of the pool on their first day and just hope their sense of self-preservation kicks in. Well, you should see them swim! They’re well prepared, and far from afraid. That’s why we think it’s time to celebrate our ”Young Guns”, as we like to call them.

”We’re going to witness more businesses flourishing thanks to the drive of our Young Guns.”

100 Young Guns

The first group now has more than five years of work experience and they have transformed our region into an innovative node for the automation industry. In two years’ time we’ll have delivered over 100 new engineers direct from the classroom to advanced automation jobs. Wherever they are, they’ll hone their skills while helping their businesses perform more efficiently.

They’re great!

At 3 Button Group we’re proud of how we’ve contributed to the increased availability of competence, as well as the quality of work and dedication of our Young Guns. They are fantastic assets for any company that’s curious about what a well-thought-out robotized production line can do to increase efficiency. More businesses will flourish thanks to the drive and knowledge of our Young Guns.

Two simultaneous thoughts

Cooperation between 3 Button Group and our competitors has worked well in our joint educational initiative. Sure, sometimes we battle over the same jobs and the same people, but competition is seen as something that helps us develop. A certain mobility among our skilled manpower is good for the industry as a whole. We learn from each other and together make up an attractive labor market. It’s all about keeping two different thoughts in mind at the same time. As an industry we’re dependent on a good supply of skilled labor. As individuals and competitive enterprises we want to be the greatest place to work at.