But how are we as people? What is it like to work with us and what is it like to be a customer? Welcome to our reality!


Yubico is a great example of Swedish entrepreneurship. In 12 years Yubico has become a global leader of digital security keys. Their head office is in Silicon Valley, but the production plant is situated in Hillerstorp, where 3 Button Group has designed the automated production lines.

Yubico represents the kind of Swedish success story we all love to hear about: seemingly unexceptional individuals like you and me gets a great idea that the whole world soon demands. With their head office in Silicon Valley, product development takes place in collaboration with Google and Microsoft.

Go Småland go!

The actual manufacturing of the digital keys, however, still takes place in the homeland at Liljas Plast in Hillerstorp. There, just north of Värnamo, 3 Button Group’s contribution to the Swedish entrepreneurs is through the precision work in their automated production line. In the USA, industry has not yet realized the advantages with automation, and the consequences are apparent: no American manufacturer can live up to Yubico’s quality requirements.

”3Button Group didn’t just want to sell their stuff. That attitude instilled trust.”

Don’t try to fool anybody

Peter Claesson at Liljas explains why we got the job:
– We chose between several offers and to me, 3Button Group was on a higher level. I sensed an honest will to build the best production line possible together with us. Instead of suggesting the most advanced six –axis robots everywhere, 3 Button Group combined those fancy robots with the more elementary ones from Engel, still fully capable of performing the required tasks. It made me trust 3 Button Group. They didn’t just want to sell.

Nerds rule

At 3 Button Group we owe a big thank you to Engel. Engel’s expertise in molding and their will to cooperate makes all the difference in our ambition to customize automation for the Swedish industry. We’ve worked together for several years on many projects and at this point we’re a tight-knit team that can take on most challenges. Sometimes people say our solutions are unique, but that’s nothing we strive for. We’re just committed automation nerds with a modular approach. It takes us far.

Cell number two in place

Liljas Plast in Hillerstorp is one of the best plastic coaters in the world; in this case of circuit boards. The new robot cell is already in production and we’re proud of being trusted to further automate complete production lines for the manufacturing of the world’s best digital security keys.